Inspiration comes from many places and sometimes it sprouts from an unexpected source.  I don’t typically search men’s magazines or websites but today I felt the need for some testosterone infested design and what I found was surprisingly satisfying.  I wanted to quickly share a great article I found on titled “The Intentional Apartment.” It’s a great quick guide to advise design-eyed guys, how to style their home office in a small apartment.  Although many of us coming home from work don’t want to, well, work more, like Primer states, “sometimes it’s a necessary evil” but at least you can do it in style! 

These are 7 ideas for the small home office: 
1. Try a convertible desk
2. Use an extra closet
3. Buy a glass desk
4. Try a C table
5. Don’t forget a corner
6. Utilize unexpected places
7. When in doubt buy a laptop stand (not sure how I feel about this one aesthetically)
To read more check out the article on   Enjoy!