I attended the BD West Fashion Challenge last Wednesday hosted by NEWH at Fluxx in the downtown Gaslamp District of San Diego. https://www.boutiquedesignwest.com/fashionchallenge

There were designers and vendors from all over the country attending this event, quite an impressive group.  This year, there were 18 participating firms, a bit more than the last two years combined.  The BD West Boutique Design Fair has really gained momentum over the last year, taking place at the San Diego Convention Center in area B upstairs with amazing sun and views.  Sadly, rumor has it that’s its moving up to Los Angeles next year, but I’m sure we’ll all make it a great event wherever in Southern California it ends up.

The BD West Fashion Challenge is a great expression of design elements provided by vendors to each participant in a box sent to them weeks before the show.  They are required to use the materials provided and nothing else.  The creativity is incredibly impressive and you can see by these images how much work goes into this event.  The winner receives a check for $3,000, which this year was Diamond Interiors.  At the end of the show, the outfits are auctioned off with proceeds going towards the NEWH Scholarship Program.

BD West Fashion Show – San Diego 2015

BD West Fashion Challenge – San Diego 2015