Great things are happening in the world of design and we always want to give credit where credit is due. Innovation, creative thinking and unconventional approaches are all traits we admire here at PMI and one company in particular caught our eye in the February 12th, 2014 Business Insider article featuring Homepolish.

Thanks to pioneers like Google  Yahoo, Amazon, and Zappos that paved the way for “I want to work there” office spaces. Homepolish’s objective is to design fun and unique work environments for Start-ups. Today’s start-up companies are being founded by young entrepreneurs who don’t want your conventional box within a box within a box with wall to wall cubicles.  In a nutshell, they want their spaces to be RAD!

I think everyone, at some point, wishes they could work from home and get the luxury of kicking back on their sofa instead of being stuck behind a desk.  Studies show that people who work from home actually spend MORE time working than your typical 8 hour day. This is because there is no one telling you when to stop or other people leaving work to influence you to go home, because you already are!

So why not make your work environment more like home, more inviting? OUT are the worn and semi-stained rolling office chairs and IN are the sofas, ottomans, rocking chairs, Love Sacs, rugs, and napping stations.

Ping Pong table converts to extra work surface at Betterment (above) and a secret
bookshelf door to a nap room at Codecademy  (below)

To encourage group collaboration Homepolish designs bars, (yes, the one’s that serve up adult beverages!) for groups of 12 to mind meld ideas and boost productivity.   They have also found that these offices are so cool that employees come on the weekends to hang out with friends and fit in a little work.
It’s no doubt we are a fan!