There are so many exciting features to share about this call-center office that I don’t even know where to start.  I’ll give it a go, in hopes to capture the fun aspects I know are worth reading about.

The overall project needed to be price point conscious so thinking outside of the box was a crucial part of the design approach.  A 7,000 square foot space needed to have as many workstations as possible.  We were able to fashion a total of 92, an amount substantially more than the client had expected.  We shopped several workstation manufacturers and were able to find a reseller in San Marcos, Raymond Allyn, who was so incredible to work with that from now on, we’ll never use anyone else for our office TI needs.  They were able to help us source a refurbished Herman Miller product that with some massaging, was able to be designed in a fun way, offerings many of the other manufacturers could not come close to.

We were able to value engineer dry erase paint with dibond material that can be cut to size with rounded corners and installed with satin stand-offs for a fun, frameless install.  This space requires multiple, large dry erase boards and the cost was outside their original budget.   Another great vendor, Sign-It located in the San Diego proper area suggested this solution and so, we made it happen.

Another aspect of the space is trying to find cost effective solutions for art to cover the walls of a 7,000SF office space.  So, we jumped on one of our favorite social media outlets, Pinterest, and found a couple dozen motivational sayings.  We had a graphic company add scenic views with the sayings in fun fonts, to scale of roughly 30″W x 42″H, fabricated on brushed aluminum and installed with satin stand-offs for a youthful, non-frame installation.

In the reception area, we wanted to do some lifestyle shots that reflect what the company is all about.  However, I didn’t want to just slap up some art with frames and call it a day.  Doing something a bit more interesting was something we were committed to doing.  That being said, I proposed we take the images and inject black and white sections of the image, so they contrast to the color remaining in the image.  Then, we designed it to be an integrated art piece.  We took the same concept on another wall and framed them individually.  The finished product exceed my expectation.

In the end, I’m hopeful the call center inspires their staff to achieve greatness, find something within themselves that provides positive results for the company and for their growth as career driven professionals.

Call Center Office Complete.