A client of mine visits Milwaukee, Wisconsin quite frequently and is an avid lover of unique home good finds.  She returned from a recent visit with a collection of new throw pillows, table runners and table napkins.  I received a call that I needed to head straight over to her residence to check out her latest find.  So, me being the aspiring lover of unique home good finds, I did exactly as I was instructed.  Lowe and behold…she was right.

The company is called Dermond Peterson and you can find them at: https://shop.dermondpeterson.com/

Their products are made from exceptional linen and cotton fabrics using environmentally sensitive, water-based inks that are free of solvents, lead and heavy-metals. Everything is washable and superbly color-fast, resulting in a product that is not only eco-friendly but also beautiful, purposeful and durable.

I simply could not wait to share this great find.  If you live in the area, by all means you must visit their studio.  Otherwise, whip out that credit card and send your sister, your mom or your best friend something new for her to love!  We all would love to have at least one custom made product by Dermond Peterson.

Custom Made

Made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin