NOOK BEFORE-what to do? 

SEAT & TABLE installed yesterday.  
The bench was custom made by El Portal who also fabricated the chrome feet.  The bench wraps the corner and is flush with the kitchen cabinet on the left.  The upholstered seats on the bench are fixed, allowing the wood veneer exposure  at the ends and in the corner of the bench.   The material is a shimmery vinyl with a small textural pattern by Carnegie Fabrics. 
The stone top is called Titanium and is a natural stone with a small textural finish.  It was a scrap piece we found at Florentine Company.  The edge detail was applied to give the table a thicker look.  The table bases are vintage, found online and shipped to San Diego on a Greyhound Bus from New York.  We had the bases re-chromed by West Coast Plating in Oceanside to insure the chrome finishes on the bases & bench feet are nice and shinny.  The stone fabricator installed the material to a plywood subtop, channeled a groove down the center and screwed a long metal substraight so the bases would stay secure to the top.
This residence is very contemporary and the owners have exquisite taste.  They air on the side of simplicity, not a lot of frills but prefer function and quality.  This scope of their project took several months to put together but now that it’s installed, I am grateful for their patience.  Quality design takes time & with the right team, the outcome is so rewarding.