This 1940’s home kitchen remodel screamed hand painted terra-cotta tiles for it’s backsplash and that’s exactly what we designed.

Our go-to hand painted tile company is:

Tabarka Studio has been handcrafting custom terracotta tile one piece at a time since 2000. Designed by creative visionary Meir Zenati, our handmade terracotta tiles are inspired by cultures worldwide and embody artisan craftsmanship and beauty.

Having established a reputation as a leading producer of custom hand painted terracotta tiles, we couldn’t stop with just a few concepts and we have grown to be a bespoke collection of stones, terracottas, antique elements, hand painted tiles and wood and parquet collection.

Visit their website today or a showroom near you and experience the creative, high-quality product with endless design capabilities. Their staff is easy to work with, provides honest, up-to-date status updates and honors any replacements for shipment damages. Payte Miller Interiors highly recommends Tabarka Studio for your next, super fun tile project.