In all the hustle and bustle of the season, along with the normal every day life of work and family, I find myself reflecting on what really matters, at least to me, and having what I call “holiday mindfulness”.  It’s been a great year for Payte Miller Interiors, lots of forward moving growth, exciting projects, great opportunities and the chance to touch a lot of lives in our special way.   Then, there are those more challenging moments that pushed us harder, to be more reflective of how outcomes could have been stronger, how we could have taken care to be more mindful of our time and choices.  In the end, I question on how we got there and did we enjoy the process, did we learn and did we engage in always being kind and true to ourselves?  This holiday season, I remind myself to look at the glass half full, to listen to the little laughter of my 4 year olds voice and cherish his youthfullness before it’s gone and most importantly, to love those around me who have shown me love.  It doesn’t take much to make something beautiful, including our homes, offices, and most importantly, ourselves.

Have a very special holiday season and always be mindful of what really matters; large isn’t always better and less is sometimes more!

Holiday Reflection

Cherish all things big and small this season