Sharing this with those of you who support the Professional Interior Design community.  We continue to fight for our rights as a profession qualified & capable of providing the services our clients need and ask of us, many of which find roadblocks in ways like this AB2192 Bill.  A lot of times, the verbiage is so vague, and misleading, it’s hard to understand how these changes will ever impact the Professional Designer.  But this time, all our Professional Organizations came together to fight against those who unfourtnately don’t care about our business practices, only how to monopolize their industry with special perks.  Being a Professional ASID member, it is crucial to the future of my career and my business and I am proud to be a Professional Designer working along side some of the most dynamic woman I will ever know!    


On June 23 AB 2192 was pulled by the bill author (Melendez) and will not be heard in the Senate!


The interior design profession in California led a well-targeted and effective opposition to the Bill by uniting to voice our concerns. IDCC, CCIDC, IIDA, ASID, CALBO, CLCID, and other interior design organizations worked together in communicating to legislators the dangers this Bill posed to us.  Members of the interior design community launched a letter writing campaign to state our opposition.  Working together in a grass roots effort, our voices were clearly heard.

Our IDCC team was guided by the expertise of our Lobbyist, Susan Stuart of Capitol Advisors.  Her strong relationships with members of the legislature opened doors to directly express our opposition.  The Capitol Advisors team strategically hand delivered over 200 opposition letters to members of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee.   As a result of her meetings with Senators and their staffs, and the chief of staff of the bill’s author; “serious concerns” were registered, and the Bill was abandoned.  Ms. Stuart says of this success,  “This is a true example of the democratic process at work!  We had a David and Goliath issue, and David won.”

This bill, which seriously threatened the interior design profession, was meant to create a peer review system allowing architects to review and provide building permits for other architects for residential projects.  In an area of work that does not require a licensed architect, this system would have led to a monopolistic control of the very area of work in which interior designers currently practice.

In addition to defeating the bill, there is the added benefit of strengthening relationships between our organizations. Your efforts are to be applauded in defeating AB 2192.  As the design community becomes more united, the stronger our voice becomes.  We look forward to continuing to work together to advocate for the profession and we need your help to continue to be successful. Your membership in IDCC makes a difference.

“ It feels very good to have been successful in a major advocacy campaign in Sacramento. We are all grateful for the support of our IDCC, ASID and IIDA 

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