Payte Miller Interiors has been working with Positano, a conversion community in downtown La Jolla on a wide range of interior and exterior renovations.  We are in the process of having the building professionally photographed but for now, here are the before and afters of what we’ve done so far.
The lobby, of which these images don’t exactly showcase the full scale of our scope, emphasises the use of larger scale format art positioned closer together.  All the down lights were replaced with new LED cans and new surface mount lights, which the bulbs where retrofitted to LED.  The walls got a fresh, new color of paint, as did the ceiling.
The lobby also received new furnishings and artwork.  The hallway leading into the elevator lobby and mailroom now showcases a new console table and mirror, along with accenting the arches with a contrasting paint color.  Contrasting the arches helps define the contemporary side of the inherent Tuscan style complex.
The hallways of the three floors of residences is what seemed to need the most amount of attention.  As you can see, the columns repeat down this very long corridor so we accented them using the same color as we did in the lobby.  We updated their carpet along with creating a “zig-zag” pattern for placement of some fun wallcovering.  Each unit received a very fun sconce which we were able to retrofit with a LED candelabra type bulb.
During installation, the mail carrier entered the lobby and when he got to the Mailroom, he said “wow, I feel honored to have my own office”.  Sometimes, it’s the little things that make us smile!
In the coming weeks, we’ll be showcasing the work we’ve done on the exterior of the building.
Here is our design presentation for what you see above:
Many thanks to our favorite vendors: