We love to show our clients how their spaces can be transformed to their vision with the use of digital renderings in this Master Bath Remodel.  I found this one to be particularly helpful.  Lot’s of choices such as, should the shower tile install to the ceiling?  Should we add crown molding?  Is color needed such as in art, towels, rugs?  We are hoping to have a curbless shower entry, should we use the same wood plank tile or switch to the same product as what’s on the walls?

For this Master Bath Remodel, the clients want to bring the shower out of the room it’s currently in and open it up for the natural light.  By moving the shower, we now have additional walls to design our beautiful tile patterns where as before, the walls enclosed the water closet.  Opening up the shower will bring more interest to the space, making the room feel larger and allowing the shower experience to be much more enjoyable.  We often build site walls and attach glass for a number of reason, primarily safety.  Today’s design trends lend itself to floor mounted shower enclosures allowing for more light and modern feel.  Exposing the shower fixtures is also a great way to add style to your space.  Lighting over the shower is also a key aspect of highlighting all the beauty of the walls, and flooring.  The functionality of a bench is useful for Aging in Place projects, even if your client isn’t interested in that conversation…might as well add it in and just say…it’s something you wish you had added.

Lots of decisions..let’s see where we end up with.  Give us a couple months and we’ll have site pictures to share.




Master Bath Remodel Before Picture




















Master Bath Remodel Rendering