My husband David and I attended the local chapter of NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath) Industry Expo last night and the guest speaker for the dinner was the incredible Jeff Lewis.  David and I have spent many hours watching Interior Therapy on Bravo Network, falling in love with his antics and honest approach to the world for how challenging our role can be as Interior Designers.

He spoke last night to a crowd of maybe 200 Design professionals and trade vendors in a question / answer style format.  We learned a lot about his younger years, lack of formal design training (this made me grit my teeth but I applaud him for his tenacity) and his personal journey to love and happiness.  One area I found particular connected to was his candid view on client expectations and contractor pitfalls.  David often thinks I’m crazy when I tell him stories of job-site disasters or a client who doesn’t understand why an invoice for my time has arrived in their in-box.  He explained how at the end of a normal day his refuge is his home life and how surrounding himself with positive, encouraging and supportive friends and family is what keeps him grounded.   I must say, I’m incredibly grateful for my family who continues to push me to not give up on this dream of mine!

Jeff is looking to start a family and he finds his design interests have shifted because of that.  I found it so telling how as a Designer, in my personal life, I too view my interests based on where I am at home.  I have a lot of single, hardworking professional clients and in my role, I must remind myself that although I’m a mom and a wife, that hat comes off completely so I can be present in the moment of where my client needs me to be.  I look forward to watching his family grow and hope he shares his joy with all of us who have fallen in love with him…not just the personality star he’s become but the real, hardworking, every-day kinda guy he truly is.

I so enjoyed meeting Jeff Lewis from Jeff Lewis Design, he was a true inspiration.


Jeff Lewis Design

Payte Miller Interiors meets Jeff Lewis Design