Bringing in the New Year for us is usually a mix of anxiety preparing for the party, finding the perfect outfit, getting your hair done, figuring out which  shoes goes with what and then getting there before 3,2,1… Happy New Year!!  *sigh* and before you know it , it’s over.

Lets take a quick step back and this year lets enjoy the last few hours of 2013. 

Find a cozy place in your home, surround yourself with things you love and take a moment to reflect and remember. Got it? Are you in that place? 
Now that that is done let’s party! But before you get too lost in the sauce let us give you a few more tips and traditions we do ourselves to get you to a happy recovery tomorrow. 
If you plan to participate in some libations  tonight, here are 5 tips from the girls at Payte Miller Interiors that have been tried and true:
1. Drink lots of H2O! I can’t stress this more. Chug a glass before drinks start and try to drink at least half a glass in between each shot, cocktail, beer, what have you.

2. Eat something before a night of partying, starchy is recommended, like pasta, potatoes, bread and I would stay away from super rich and creamy or dairy based. It usually doesn’t mix well with alcohol.
3. I learned this one from the queens of daytime television and unofficially proclaimed Wine Experts, Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb of the Today Show.

 Hoda says, “before she retreats to bed at night she pops a few Ibuprofen and a glass of water” this keeps from the pounding headaches and nausea in the morning.
4. If you couldn’t do #1 or #2 and find yourself 3 sheets to the wind, my recommendation is to load up on electrolytes, like Gatorade, Powerade, or my all time favorite orange flavored Pedialyte ( grape is yummy too)
5. Last but not least, get back into that cozy place that you sat in just 12 hours ago where you reflected on 2013 and give yourself a break, watch the New Years Day Parade and get ready for another crazy year!
Be safe and from our little team at Payte Miller Interiors, Have a Happy New Year!