Residential Design

Our private spaces are important for so many reasons and often the one element overlooked due to today’s busy and hectic lifestyles. Your family should have the comfort of knowing their home is unique to them, helping to enrich their lives with quality and organization. Nothing is more important than a happy home and the beauty created for its residents is the achievement of both designer and clients alike.

Hospitality & Commercial Design

Our hospitality & commercial design services focuses on the renovation needs of property owners and operators to update guest offerings, enhancing the users experience, encouraging repeat business and positive return on investments. From corporate offices with innovative interiors to private retreats and everything in between. Knowledge of ADA code requirements and current consumer trends is of high interest to Shannon's team and strengths.

Professional Services

A large part of our success is the management and administration behind the design. Each project is individually developed and tailored to the type and client. Some projects require industry standard instructions such as a full set of construction documents and purchasing services for a large hotel property while others may what we call “fun fluff” where we are given the access to a private residence and all the joy of creating a dream.